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Post  Guest on Tue Jul 29, 2008 4:02 pm

Earlier, I was attacked by Bludbath (Sinister Force) of S.C.. He sent 12 Phalanx to attack my village and they were slaughtered and gained nothing. Though I lost 3 troops and do not have a army to speak of and unsure of why the attack took place. Mad Evil or Very Mad I have also been offerred a place amongst Legion by Hotsanda though I decided to turn it down, but working on forming a possible confideracy with the alliance and trading often with them and the NWO. Any information reguarding the S.C.'s sudden interested in our matters (besides Alt F4's pathetic attacks), let me know. I will see to aiding Inkerhere when I can though I am a good distance away. A NAP with Spartan could be a good thing...


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Post  AdamLZJ on Tue Jul 29, 2008 4:22 pm

Read my announcement in the Announcement forum.
As Well, Supply all Resources leftover or what you may so Inkerhere can move his village. We Do not want to go to war with SPARTAN, Its a waste of our time. Look at the Overall picture. We will position ourselves accordingly. Don't forget we are a wing of the real midgard and will continue to grow to assist the more powerful as well. We want to last to the point our time in this game has not been wasted and our lives on the real earth has been wasted by creating and playing a game that aggravates us. Lets enjoy this as much as possible. Assist our fellow brethren and keep it going. Appreciate your support and assistance. We are a powerful Alliance with plenty of Confeds and Naps that are powerful as well willing to fight when need be, but if Diplomacy will prevail, so shall we. Lets build those Armor and Weapon Levels, our needs and wants will be fufilled. Cheers.


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