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ALLIANCE: 1208 Empty ALLIANCE: 1208

Post  AdamLZJ on Tue Jul 22, 2008 4:07 pm

Wayne1955 Village
Tribe: Romans
Alliance: 1208
Owner: Wayne1955
Population: 178

This guy decided to Scout me, and of course he failed, But I am Requesting that anyone within the range of these coordinates Attack, Destroy and Abuse this guys village until he cries miserably because he can no longer enjoy the game.
I Would greatly appreciate it, and I will reward you with 1000 of every resource just for doing it, on top of whatever you get out of him. I'm using one of his members "OMG" up by me as my new farm, and request that anyone near Wayne gladly mutilate his village!

Cheers! Your Fearless Co-Leader


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